Year 7 Stein Nesting Box project

The local kookaburras, ringtail possums, sugar gliders, microbats, rosellas and rainbow lorikeets are in for a treat. Mr O’Day’s Year 7 Science class piloted a nesting box project where six different nesting boxes were constructed from the La Trobe University kits. Each group researched a different species and then followed instructions to glue and screw the various nesting boxes. It was obvious the different species nesting habitats were unique to each species due to the entrance shape, size and location, the shape of the box, material inside, built in ladders and lids. The six boxes will be installed by the Maintenance staff in a couple of weeks. The cohort will observe next year who has taken up residence in the boxes. Max, Xavier and Sebastian stated “Our experience of making a nesting box we learnt how to use different tools and screws and what they were used for, we also got another perspective on our animal and its habitat and where it would be a good place to set up the nesting box. Building the box also made us read and understand instructions better.”

Ms Jo Menzies

SET Facilitator