The Commerce Learning Area provides opportunities for our boys to study the world of accounting, business, law and economics through a range of offerings beginning in Year 10.

As an introduction to Commerce, Year 10 students can choose a more general introduction to Economics and Personal Accounting and they can also start on their VCE studies by choosing one of our VCE Units to start off their senior program.

Commerce subjects are always a very popular option for our boys so we are able to offer all VCE Commerce subjects with classes in Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies. Our Commerce staff are highly experienced in offering engaging and stimulating courses for our boys and have a high level of knowledge and expertise in their subject areas. In each VCE study we have staff who are currently involved as VCAA exam assessors. This expertise is shared in a team approach so that all students can be prepared for their assessments using the most current approaches.

Commerce courses are consistently the most popular tertiary study destination for Whitefriars students post Year 12 and each year we hear back from graduates who have moved on from their school experience to make a great success of their tertiary studies and in their professional lives.