Vocational Major

As an alternate pathway of VCE, students have the option of selecting the Vocational Major enabling them to pursue outcomes related to vocational pathways. The qualification aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attributes to empower them to make informed choices about pathways to work and further education.

In the context of applied learning the underpinning principles of the Vocational Major program are:
• Employability skills that help prepare students for employment and for participation in the broader context of family, community and lifelong learning
• Skills that assist students to make informed vocational choices within specific industry sectors and/or facilitate pathways to further learning.

Intermediate Vocational Major students (Year 11) spend four days each week at school where they study subjects which include Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development Skills, Religious Education and a VCE elective subject of their choice. One day each week is devoted to their chosen VET Program which can be selected from a range of programs which suits the student’s specific interests. Intermediate Vocational Major students also complete one week of Structured Work Experience each term in their chosen industry where they gain valuable on the job experience.

Senior Vocational Major students (Year 12) attend classes at the College three days each week where they undertake studies in Work Related Skills, Personal Development Skills, Literacy and Numeracy. One day each week is devoted to their VET study and one day each week is spent in Structured Work Placement. The Senior Vocational Major Program is a transition program between school and further training and/or employment.

Upon completion of the College’s Vocational Major Program numerous pathways are available to our students. Many students will pursue apprenticeships in their chosen vocational area enabling them to become qualified tradesmen in areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and automotive. Graduates from our Senior Vocational Major Program can also access Diploma level courses at TAFE Institutes enabling them to further their education and training in areas such as Music Performance, Information Technology and Hospitality. All Senior Vocational Major students participate in an Exit Support Program towards the end of their year where plans are formulated for their training and/or employment options for the following year. This includes creating an appropriate resume, assistance with employment/course applications and placing students in contact with relevant agencies and training providers.