Middle Years

The Middle Years (Years 7-9) at Whitefriars are important as it allows boys to thrive in the abundance of exciting learning choices in the classroom, on the school campus, or in the community. Our world class learning programs, set in a natural environment, are the keys to your son’s transformation into a confident, highly capable and gentle young man.

Recognising the significant and often rapid changes that occur in boys during the years of early adolescence and the transition from primary to secondary schooling, the staff at Whitefriars College work closely to provide a caring environment for our students. Teachers and Pastoral Care Teachers are therefore focused upon not only the academic progress of each individual, but are also attentive to their faith, personal development and wellbeing. Social justice, service, leadership and community experiences help our boys develop empathy, compassion and understanding as well as a focus on being change agents in the school community and global context.

Middle Years students are inquisitive and keen to explore what ignites their interest and enjoyment in their learning. The Whitefriars College Years 7-9 curriculum programs equip students with a solid foundation in knowledge and skills as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Innovative and engaging studies inspire and assist students in finding their passion in learning to help prepare them for their senior years of study.

Whitefriars College recognises that boys entering Year 7 are already technologically capable. Our 1:1 notebook program aims to enhance students’ skills and empower them to further develop their digital learning skills, knowledge and understanding in a responsible manner.

During the transition phase, we aim to help your son feel connected to the school, his teachers and his peers. As a Year 7 student, your son will have the opportunity to attend our orientation camp, participate in our extensive transition program, and be leaders in community events (house welcome dinner) where he will enjoy developing new relationships. To ensure a smooth transition into Senior School, each Year 7, 8 and 9 student is assigned a dedicated House Leader and Pastoral Care Teacher to monitor, support and challenge academic progress and personal wellbeing. Our Pathways Team and House Leader support each boy in making important decisions for subject selection and career aspiration.

2024 Year 9 Handbook