Curriculum Overview

The curriculum allows every student the opportunity to develop goals, experience success, and identify opportunities for further learning. It is through the development of the whole person – the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social dimensions – that a Whitefriars College student can belongbelieve and become a creative, courageous, and gentle man in society.

Year 7

Religious Education Humanities Art Languages – Indonesian
English Health and Physical Education Music Languages – Italian
Mathematics Science Drama

Year 8

Religious Education Humanities Visual Communication Design Languages – Chinese
English Health and Physical Education Music Languages – Indonesian
Mathematics Science Drama Languages – Italian
Materials Design Technology

Year 9

Religious Education Health and Physical Education Digital Art Materials Design Technology
English Science Media Languages – Chinese
Mathematics Music Studio Arts Languages – Indonesian
Humanities Drama Visual – Communication Design Languages – Italian

Senior Years

We have extensive study opportunities for our students in their Senior Years (Years 10-12). As students move into Year 10 they have the opportunity to build an individual pathway that leads to their final years of study. Within the Year 10 program, students undertake the core curriculum subjects, VCE Religion and Society Unit 1, English, Mathematics, History, Health and Physical Education and Science. In addition to these subjects, students then select Year 10 elective subjects from the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Science, Humanities and LOTE learning areas. The Year 10 curriculum is complemented by work experience, community service and many co-curricular activities.

As well as a strong and varied Year 10 elective program, students can apply to undertake a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject and/or a specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject before entering into the full program in Years 11 and 12.

The number of VCE subjects available to our students in Years 11 and 12 Senior Years is vast and students also have a wide range of Vocational Major options that can be included in their program. Students looking for a more vocational pathway can select the Vocational Major in conjunction with their chosen VET program.