The beautiful and contemporary Australian setting of Whitefriars College serves as an apt metaphor for the study of English at the College.

Guided by the goals of the Australian National Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority, our diverse range of studies aim to develop young Australian men who can confidently take their place in 21st century Australia in a global context. We aim to inspire imaginative and analytical thinkers; writers; speakers and listeners who can accurately and incisively articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings to others, with a firm sense of personal agency. Inspiring a curiosity about language, as well as knowledge of its uses, conventions and codes is another feature of our curriculum. Moreover, drawing on our Carmelite tradition, our students are taught to think deeply, as well as logically, and evaluate evidence sensibly and with discernment.

Through our studies of both contemporary and classic Australian and world literature; drama; film; poetry and the contemporary digital media, we invite our students to travel to an exciting array of different times, places and cultures. This experience provides our young men with the opportunity to develop a love of language and literature and its power to speak to all that is human. Literary texts from and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Asia are included in our texts for study.
Students are provided with rigorous and engaging learning tasks which encourage creativity, inquiry, innovation and the chance to work collaboratively with other students, as well as a variety of educators and outside figures. Our studies have prepared our students to excel in their VCE studies and pursue fulfilling careers in fields such as law and journalism. We are very proud of their achievements.
English is a core subject in Years 7-10. VCE students can choose to study English, Literature or English Language or a combination of these studies. Where appropriate, students can study English as an Additional Language (EAL) and can complete a Year 9 and 10 Bridging Program in preparation for this subject.

Our exciting program includes:

• an English Enrichment program for talented students
• interschool debating
• public speaking and writing competitions
• exposure to a range of genres and text types
• opportunities to be published in magazines, anthologies and blogs such as Viewpoint, Shared Stories and the State Library of Victoria’s: Inside a Dog
• the use of digital technology as both user and producer
• Book Club
• theatre visits to the Melbourne Theatre Company
• opportunities to attend the Melbourne Writers Festival
• visiting speakers and performers
• VCE masterclasses led by expert staff, who are leaders in their field
• an English bridging course for international students
• Learning Diversity and differentiated programs
• access to e-books and a fresh and appealing range of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and magazines via our close partnership with the College library