Shared Stories Writing Competition, Effective Speaking Public Speaking Competition, ACC and DAV Debating

Embedded within the English curriculum from Years 7 through to 10 is the opportunity to hone your creative and reflective writing, and oral presentation skills through the ‘Shared Stories’ and ‘Effective Speaking’ competitions.

During the ‘Shared Stories’ writing competition in Term 2 students are provided a thematic idea to respond to. In previous years these themes have been ‘Respect’, ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Live Simply, Simply Live’. Students are asked to craft a creative or reflective story that appropriately discusses and unpacks their thoughts and feelings about theme. One student from each class is placed into the pool of ‘finalists’ and the strongest pieces from each year level are published in the yearly ‘Shared Stories’ anthology and receive an award and prize from the College.

The ‘Effective Speaking Competition’ takes place in Term 2 and sees students responding to a particular area of focus, including a balloon debate and the opportunity to write slam poetry. Students have time provided to create their speeches, practice and prepare, and then present to their classmates. Again, the strongest performing student from each class gets to present in the final ‘Effective Speaking Competition’ internal school incursion, and receive an award and prize for their efforts.

If public speaking and arguing your opinion is something you enjoy, then debating is a worthwhile co-curricular activity to pursue! At the Year 8 level students are involved in the ACC debating competition in November, meanwhile students in Years 9 – 12 can participate in DAV Debating throughout Term 1 – 3. Debating is a fantastic way to build upon your oral presentation skills, learn how to appropriately respond to topical issues in contemporary society, and improve your writing as well, which will help you with your vital English subjects. Issues which have been debated on in previous years include contemporary issues which are currently being discussed and have an impact on our society, such as the environment, the rise of technology and democratic rights in Australia, such as freedom of speech.