Outdoor Learning Program

Whitefriars has an ongoing commitment to experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’ which has long been recognised as one of the most powerful teaching tools available to educators, especially within boys education through the Outdoor Learning Program (OLP).

With increasing demands on young people to take in more information, there seem to be fewer experiences to reflect on values, beliefs and relationships with self, others and the environment. The Outdoor Learning Program aims to provide these experiences through a range of enjoyable and challenging activities for our students across the Middle Years (Years 7 – 9) that will assist them in their personal, social and spiritual development. Over three years, and integral to each stage of the program, students are taught respect and responsibility for self, for others and for the natural world.

Camp Jungai, the Year 7 three day camp focuses on introductory skills and simple community living, while providing a great opportunity to learn about indigenous culture.

The four day Year 8 camp is a journey down the Murray River by canoe. Students are encouraged to develop teamwork and communication by being taken out of their comfort zone. As they travel on a river journey they develop their camping skills such as tent building and camp cooking.

The five day cycle and hiking camp at Year 9 is definitely the most challenging but also the most rewarding in terms of outcomes achieved. The students have an opportunity to select from four locations, Mount Stirling, High Plains Baw Baw, High Plains Falls Creek or High Plains Bogong. The students are not only extended physically but emotionally with the themes of the camp being leadership, accepting challenge and environmental appreciation.