The Languages Learning Area at Whitefriars offers a robust program of language study with choices in Indonesian, Italian and Chinese. Languages also incorporate an engaging component of cultural study.

Under the guidance of our vibrant Languages staff, students’ abilities are fostered and celebrated in the Carmelite tradition with a focus on challenging and enriching each student in our care. Aiming for personal excellence and reaching individual potential is a focus in learning languages at Whitefriars.
Students choose to study two of the three languages in Year 7; in Year 8, one of the two languages are then continued until the end of Year 9. Students may then continue language study until the end of VCE Unit 4.

Our innovative co-curricular program includes language competitions, a range of incursions and excursions, Language Week activities and overseas study tours to Indonesia, Italy and China. An overseas study tour represents a valuable opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the country’s language and culture. Tours will run if there is sufficient interest.

Support and extension are offered for all student needs. Languages are a cornerstone of subject offerings at Whitefriars. Be a part of the tradition!