In Years 7 through to Year 10, Mathematics classes are designed to cater for all abilities, acknowledging the diversity of our learners.

Students have access to support and enrichment activities throughout these years of Mathematics and there are various opportunities available through the College’s Enrichment program and the many Mathematics Competitions for very able students to be further extended. There is also the opportunity for students in Year 7 onwards to be selected in Enrichment Classes for Mathematics.

In the Middle Years, students can choose from a range of courses on offer in order to cater for all students’ ability and interest levels. We encourage all students to undertake the most appropriate course, providing classes for those students who find the abstract nature of the subject challenging as well as the electives which cater for our more able mathematics students who want to extend themselves further in this subject. Our Year 9 Extension program further challenges our most capable mathematicians. Students are supported by the opportunity to attend regular MathsClub Help sessions which are designed to assist, as well as extend them in their learning. Students can select the Advanced Course in Middle School which prepares them for early entry into the VCE courses on offer. Our Year 10 Mathematics Methods program prepares the students for early exposure to Mathematics Methods and Specialist as well as Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4.

In the Senior Years, we offer the full range of Mathematics subjects for VCE. We encourage all students to study Mathematics in Years 11 and 12 and support our students in their choice through ongoing tuition and encouragement. Teachers are always happy to assist students outside of class time and to work with them to achieve success at every possible opportunity.

The integration of technology is a high priority and students become experienced at using a range of tools including computer software, CAS calculators or graphics calculators.