Whitefriars Football Club (WFC)

Who are we?

Whitefriars Football Club Inc. was established in 1986 and plays in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.

We are proud to belong to the College community. We exist to provide opportunities for Whitefriars College students and their friends to play football together under the Whitefriars name and wearing the Whitefriars jumper both during their time at the College and after their schooling has been completed. We provide an avenue for current and past students, interested players, and their families and friends to gather together for the benefit of everyone involved. We aim to provide a caring, committed, unified and successful environment on and off the field, and are respectful to all who encounter our club.

What do we do?

We are an amateur club that seeks to operate as professionally as possible, with a full complement of qualified coaches, trainers and support staff in place. We have the luxury of playing our home games at the College on one of the best playing surfaces in the region.

How can you join the Friars?

Everyone is invited to join the club either as a player, official, helper or supporter. Feel free to contact those listed below if you have queries about the club, or catch up with Peter Ciardulli at the College.

Who can you contact for more information?

Sal Ciardulli (President) –

Peter Harrison (Vice President – Operations) –

Click here to visit the OCFC website.