Religious Education

At Whitefriars College, Religious Education is a discipline-based learning area which underpins our identity and mission as a Catholic school for boys in the Carmelite spiritual tradition.

When appreciated in the light of our motto ‘Almae In Fide Parentis’ which translates to ‘In the Care of a Loving Mother’, Religious Education could best be described as an integrated education of faith and life which seeks to foster in our students the development of their unique identity, assist in their search for meaning and provide the space for reflective engagement with the broader community.

The Years 7-9 program is delivered using the framework of the Archdiocese of Melbourne – To Know, Worship and Love. This rigorous educational program is centred on five content strands that are intended to provide a comprehensive engagement with the rich theological and scriptural tradition of the Catholic community: Scripture and Jesus; Church and Community; God, Religion and Life; Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments; Morality and Justice.

Students studying Religious Education at a VCE level critically engage with the Catholic tradition and the faith story through enrolment in either Religion & Society or Texts & Traditions, which also develops their skills in analysis, writing and presentation.

This classroom teaching of Religious Education is enriched by life-giving activities which reflect our mission in the Carmelite charism: Eucharistic celebrations; spiritual development; education in personal identity; and social/indigenous/environmental awareness.