As a Catholic secondary school for boys within the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Whitefriars College operates, primarily, to serve families who wish to offer their sons a Catholic secondary education in the Carmelite tradition.

Year 7 Key Dates
Enrolment Procedures – Year 7, 2026

Friday 16 August 2024 All applications for enrolment in Year 7, 2026 are to be received.

Saturday 7 September 2024 Year 7, 2026 interviews.

Friday 18 October 2024 Offers of places to prospective Year 7 students are posted. The Catholic Education Office insists that schools do not advise prospective parents of this information in advance of this date, as this leads to difficulties for other Catholic schools and disrupts the enrolment process. It is a matter to which schools should give the highest priority in terms of co-operative processes across the Archdiocese.

Friday 8 November 2024 Final date for acceptance of offers by parents.

Essential to this enrolment process is an acceptance by parents of the conditions outlined in the documents below: 

Priority Order of Enrolment

Whitefriars College seeks to enrol Catholic students according to the Priorities set out below. Whitefriars College reserves the right to determine the suitability of a student based on their previous school history and in light of the perceived support of his parents/guardians for Whitefriars’ policies, procedures and ethos.

Whitefriars College aims to be inclusive in its enrolment policy and processes, particularly in regard to Catholic students applying to enter Year 7. Consequently, every effort will be made to accommodate students with individual learning needs, whether these require a high level of support for a disability or for a gifted and talented student.

In accepting a boy’s enrolment, Whitefriars commits itself to educating him in a holistic manner in partnership with his parents/guardians.

Order of priority:

  1. Brothers of current or former students of the College
  2. Sons of past students who attended the College
  3. Catholic boys who reside in a College Priority Parish and are attending a Catholic Primary School. Preference will be given to the following Primary Schools which are located in our Priority Parishes.
  4. Catholic boys who reside in the College Priority Parish but are not attending a Catholic Primary School
  5. Catholic boys who reside outside the College Priority Parish area (if places are available)
  6. Non-Catholic boys attending a Catholic Primary School (if places are available)
  7. Non-Catholic boys in other schools (if places are available).

In addition to these, the College traditionally receives enrolment applications from students enrolled in approximately 50 other Catholic and Non-Catholic Primary Schools.

Application Procedure

The parents / guardian/s (Applicants) are required to provide particular information about their son during the enrolment process, both at the application stage and if Whitefriars offers your son a place. Lodgement of the Application for Enrolment does not guarantee enrolment at the College.

The completed Application for Enrolment by both parents / guardians (unless a court order provides otherwise and a copy is given to the College), with relevant paperwork included and payment of the non-refundable enrolment application fee, needs to be finalised for the Application to be processed.

Enrolments at other year levels

Enrolment opportunities are available at other year levels where vacancies occur. Enrolment for students entering into Years 8 to 12 is by interview, which can be arranged by contacting the Enrolment office.

Application for Enrolment

Application for Enrolment

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