Professional Learning

Staff in Catholic schools are called to share in a special way in the mission of the Church. Church documents emphasise the need for well-educated and dedicated staff in Catholic schools, whose contribution to the life of a Catholic school gives witness to the values of the Gospel and the mission of the Church. Melbourne Archdiocese

Whitefriars is committed to promoting and sustaining a culture of Professional Learning that is guided by our shared Catholic Carmelite Vision, Mission and Values. We recognise that improvement in student learning outcomes is best achieved through the creation of a dynamic learning community for all stakeholders; students, parents, teachers and school leaders.

All members of staff have access to internal and external opportunities for professional learning. These opportunities aim to enhance faith development and build knowledge and skills ensuring the delivery of high-quality curriculum, as well as facilitating personal growth and career progression. Networking through Professional Learning Events is also encouraged and supported ensuring we as educators engage in a wider learning environment fostering a culture of life learning, innovation and ideation.

The College has a dedicated Professional Learning Afternoon for Staff. Every Day 6 students finish for the day at lunchtime and staff engage in a structured afternoon of activities focusing on the key action areas: Catholic Carmelite Charism, Learning for Life, Nurturing Community and Global Awareness. These sessions provide opportunities for guest speakers, targeted workshops and staff catchups to talk about boy’s learning and providing an optimal and safe learning environment for the boys in our care.

Whitefriars offers supporting programs for newly registered teachers through the NEAR Project and all teachers can engage in the Coaching for Learning program to work on individual and team goals with a continuous improvement focus.

Professional Learning at Whitefriars is geared to support our educators and support staff to respond proactively and competently to the challenges presented in a challenging and changing global environment.