The Humanities Learning Area at Whitefriars College offers the standalone subjects of History, Geography and Politics. There is also the integration of Civics and Citizenship into the Year 7 History course, and Economics into the Year 8 Geography course. Politics is offered as an elective in the Middle Years and at VCE level.

As the Humanities Learning Area is compliant with the Victorian Curriculum, the following is taught:

• Compulsory History Years 7 to 10
• Compulsory Geography Years 7 and 8 and then offered as an elective
• Politics as an elective
• Acceleration Unit 1 and 2 subjects offered at Year 10.

Field trips are the basis of all Geography courses. History and Politics studies are enhanced with excursions to significant sites, culminating with the Battlefields trip to Europe.

The following VCE subjects are offered:

• Geography Units 1-4
• Australian and Global Politics Units 1-4
• 20th Century History Units 1 and 2
• Australian History Units 3 and 4
• Revolution History (French and American) Units 3 and 4