Science and Technologies

The Science and Technologies Learning Area at Whitefriars is a subject of knowledge that incorporates both intellectual and practical activities encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Students at Whitefriars are required to study Science in Years 7-10. During the junior years, students cover a variety of science topics in order to both introduce and extend the students’ knowledge of science and science-related issues, and to prepare students for science studies in later years. Science in Years 7-10 aims to help students develop an understanding of the nature of science and scientific enquiry as well as appreciate the influence of science on their everyday lives. At the beginning of Year 11, students may select to study a from a range of VCE science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology. Past students have enjoyed much success in Science related VCE studies, which provides a springboard for a range of tertiary studies.

Whitefriars technologies curriculum is diverse with digital technologies, innovative technologies and food technologies on offer for students in Years 7-10. These subject offering enable students to study Data Analytics, Software Development and Food Technology in the VCE. Furthermore, the subjects provide opportunities for our students to develop their critical and creative thinking.
In addition to class programs, there are various opportunities throughout the year for students to participate and demonstrate their abilities in a range of events, activities and competitions to assist in enhancing, developing and refining their science skills and knowledge including:

• Science Week Open Project (Year 7 Students)
• Whitefriars Active Science Project (Year 8 Students)
• Science Week activities & events (All Students)
• National Science & Engineering Competition (Year 9 & 10 Students)
• Rio Tinto Science Competition (Year 7 & 8 Students)
• ICAS Science Competition (Year 9 – 12 Students)
• Enrichment Booklets (All Students)
• Environment Club (All Students)
• Science Club (Year 7 – 9 Students)
• VCE Help Classes