Since 1961, Whitefriars College has been providing education to boys in the Carmelite tradition. Despite its youth, the College boasts a rich history and esteemed traditions. Preserving and promoting its valued heritage and culture, the archival collection plays a crucial role.

Throughout the years, Whitefriars has diligently cultivated an impressive archive, spanning back to its earliest days. Under the management and conservation of a professional archivist, the collection encompasses a variety of materials such as paper records, photographs, uniforms, memorabilia, samples of student work, and films.

The College is eager to expand its archival collection and warmly welcomes contributions of items such as uniforms, student work, films, and videos showcasing school events like camps and sports days. Additionally, photographs featuring school groups or staff members are greatly appreciated.

Should you possess any relevant materials or have the means to assist, we kindly request you to reach out to the Whitefriars College Archivist at 9872 8316 or Your support in preserving our cherished history and culture is sincerely appreciated.