Year 7 Field Trip and Water Bug Blitz Activity

The Year 7 cohort’s return to the College last week was fantastic! During Term 4, the Year 7 Science classes are studying Ecology – Habitats and Interactions, and classes can apply their learning by completing field work in the College bushland. Mr Smeed’s class visited the College wetlands and bushland as an introduction to ecosystems, biotic and abiotic factors, adaptations, food chains and human and natural impacts. Students were able to experience first hand the pobblebonk frog sounds, screeching overhead cockatoos, sitting in a messmate forest and then using the bird hide as an outdoor learning space.

The National Water Bug Blitz, citizen scientist program, is being completed by all Year 7 Science classes. The College wetlands health is being investigated by observing, classifying and recording the macro invertebrates present. These species have a range of sensitivities to pollution and by observing which species is present can indicate the health of the wetlands water. Students worked together to collect blood worms, snails, back swimmers, water boatmen, mites and damselfly larvae. These macro invertebrates are tolerant to pollution and the classes have concluded the wetlands health is mild to moderately polluted or have natural impacts that affect the health of the water.

Jo Menzies
Sustainability and Environment Team Facilitator