Whitefriars College 2022 Positions of Leadership
Principal Mr Mark Murphy
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission Mr Joshua Vujcich
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching Mrs Catherine Spurritt
Deputy Principal – Students Mr Mick Lafferty
Deputy Principal – Staff and Strategy Mr Greg Stewart
Director – Senior Years Ms Claire Allemand
Director – Middle Years Miss Samatha Riddle
Director – Professional Learning & Innovation Ms Fiona Matthews
Director – Operations Mr Peter Ciardulli
Student Empowerment Leader Mrs Kelly Hoinville-Catania
Interculturalism Leader TBA
International Students Program Leader* Mr Tony Thio
House Leader – Avila Mr Tom Stafford
House Leader – Brandsma Mr Jeremy Freeman
House Leader – Corsini Mr Tom Sykes
House Leader – Edith Stein Ms Anne-Maree Wight
House Leader – Lisieux Mr Aidan Buchan
House Leader – Mantua Miss Ali Rock
House Leader – Soreth Mrs Susan Nielson
House Leader – Trinity Mr Greg Clifford
Learning Leaders
Learning Leader – Academic Enrichment & Data Mr Ashley Payne
Learning Leader – Commerce/Humanities Mrs Lauren Cape-Murphy
Learning Leader – Commerce/Humanities Assistant Mr Jack Gargano
Learning Leader – English Mr Andrew Wight
Learning Leader – English Assistant Mr James Smith
Learning Leader – Health & Physical Education Mrs Katherine Smith
Learning Leader – Languages Ms Paula Barca
Learning Leader – Mathematics Mr Paul Garriga
Learning Leader – Mathematics Assistant Mr James McManus
Learning Leader – Performing Arts Mr Matthew Frampton
Learning Leader – Performing Arts Assistant Ms Nathalie Fox
Learning Leader – Religious Education Ms Tracey Phelan
Learning Leader – Science & Technologies Mr William Wood
Learning Leader – Science & Technologies Assistant Mrs Laurissa Parastitidis
Learning Leader – VCAL Miss Stephanie Dekazos
Learning Leader – Visual Arts Mrs Rosyln Leach
Other Positions of Leadership
Coordinator – Pathways Mr Dean Notting
Daily Organiser Ms Christine Haddrell
Coordinator – Buses Mr Frank Pospischil
Coordinator – Sport Mr Kristan Height
Assistant Coordinator – Sport Mr Jarrod Ward
AFL SportsReady Trainee (Yr 12 2021) Mr Thomas Goldsmith
Principal Appointments
Careers Advisor Mrs Anna Gasparini
Director – Learning Diversity Mrs Simone Livingstone
Assistant Director – Learning Diversity Mrs Jane Hancock
Learning Leader – Library Mrs Jenny Corbin