What’s for lunch?

On 11 February, the Intermediate VCAL students had the opportunity to complete the RSA, accredited Food Handler’s Course. In the class we learnt how to prepare and cook food in a safe and hygienic way. This course was great because it provided us with some very useful skills for life and entering the work force. Having this certificate will benefit us if we are trying to get a first job in hospitality.

We started off the day learning the important theory around how to store and prepare food correctly and safely. We also learned how to clean and what temperature food needs to be safely stored at. After the theory presentation we were tested on what we had been taught.

After this we worked in groups of four and cooked chicken fajitas. We needed to season and cook the chicken, as well as make a salsa with tomatoes, lime zest and cucumber. We needed to work together to make our food, taking care with the presentation.

We were put into groups of four and had to show excellent communication skills and team work to craft these masterpieces. This course showed our team bonding and our execution of the skills we had acquired.

Attaining the Food Handling Certificate proved to be a useful and tasty experience.

Intermediate VCAL Class B