The Journey Begins

Transition from primary to secondary school is the most significant change in a young person’s education. This is largely because of the monumental differences in a secondary school environment, including:

  • Close to 1200 students
  • Different classes with a variety of teachers
  • Managing lockers
  • Increase in homework; for some the beginning of homework
  • Public transport to and from school.


At Whitefriars we have a thoroughly planned and targeted transition program for our students as well as parents.

  • We interview every student and their parents
  • Conduct testing to get a gauge on the boys’ learning challenges and strengths
  • Visit every primary school to meet our future students’ teachers as well as speak to every student coming to Whitefriars during these Primary School visits
  • Run an Orientation Day to give the boys an opportunity to meet their classmates and teachers and to be inducted in the life of the College
  • Conduct a special morning for those boys coming as the only boy from their primary school.


The Transition program also continues at the beginning of the academic year and includes:

  • A first day where Year 7s begin the school year only with the Year 12s so that they are not overwhelmed and can connect with the senior boys at the school
  • Orientation Camp where lifelong friendships are formed
  • From a classroom perspective, there are a series of orientation classes guiding the boys how to access key services in the College such as the library, counsellors and canteen and also develop an understanding of using technology for learning.


When asked their transition, here’s what a few Year 7s had to say:

  • Will Hensel – “The transition was incredibly smooth and the Whitefriars community was very welcoming.â€
  • Cooper Coghlan – “Everything was different – a whole new perspective.â€
  • Hamish Collins – “It’s been quite easy and the students and teachers have been quite helpful.â€
  • Stanley Toklis – “Going to Whitefriars, it seemed confusing. In primary school, I was the big fish in a small pond. Now I’m the small fish in a massive pond.â€
  • Nicholas Moran – “The transition to Whitefriars was extremely enjoyable and everyone in Year 7 was welcomed and everyone settled in pretty well.â€


We hope that after an extended transition program, those wide-eyes young boys who stepped through the gates for the first time are well and truly ready to embrace all Whitefriars has to offer and continue the tradition of becoming a gentle man.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students