Year 12 English Enrichment

On 14 March, 2023 College Captain, Harry Evans, returned to Whitefriars to visit the current Year 12 students participating in the English Enrichment program. This program runs every Tuesday after school, providing a rigorous and collaborative environment where highly aspirational and high-performing English students can extend and enrich their learning. Harry generously shared his time and resources with the group, reflecting on the strategies and habits he implemented during his studies last year which enabled him to achieve an outstanding study score of 49 in English, placing him within the top 1% of English students across the state.

Importantly, Harry reflected on his improvement over the years, noting that he was “never a natural writer” and that he “always had mediocre expression.” He emphasised the importance of completing practice work in the 4-6 weeks leading up to a SAC but stressed that students shouldn’t focus on the quantity of practice essays they complete, but rather the feedback and improvement cycle that occurs when students work in partnership with their teacher.

Harry’s presentation included the following highlights as key advice to current Year 12 English students:

  • Knowing your text scene for scene, word for word, is not enough. You also need to know the context of the text and author and understand the intent of the text within its sociocultural context.
  • Work out what works for you to know your texts. Highlighting, annotating, cram cards, audio recordings, mind maps, summary notes – these are all tools that can be used to digest and internalise a text.
  • Read your work aloud so you can hear moments where it sounds ‘off’ and then fix your fluency.
  • Be open to the advice and both formal and informal feedback of your teacher. They know how to find the tiniest little bits of improvement that you can make in your writing.
  • Take good breaks when you need them. Work hard, then rest properly.
  • Use your study sessions well – you can’t afford to waste these. You can achieve so much during this time.
  • Recognise the value of your teacher. They have so much knowledge and are so supportive.
  • Develop an interpretation of the texts that is authentically your own.
  • Trust yourself and trust the process. Learn to love learning, improvement is addictive.

We are immensely proud of Harry, and grateful for his support of our current Year 12 students.


Ms Tanya Vandervelde
Interculturalism Leader / English Learning Team