Blessed Baptist of Mantua (1447-1516) was one of the most learned Carmelites of his time. Elected Prior General in 1513, he held high office in the Order and was also a noted public figure; for example, he negotiated the 1515 peace treaty between France and Milan.

He was a prominent literary author in the Italian humanist movement and a much-admired poet, as well as a voice for reform in the church: Erasmus called him “the Christian Vergil”, Shakespeare mentions him in Love’s Labours Lost, and Luther also quoted him. He combined the highest standards of scholarship and study with deep personal faith and a generous commitment to public service. His feast is celebrated on 17 April.


God of all good gifts, help us to value the past, present and future. May we see in each day the possibility to change ourselves and the world and to realise the potential you have created for us. Help us to be gracious in our encounters with others. May Blessed Baptist of Mantua help us to influence others in a positive way and to draw from them the very best of themselves.

Victorian Cancer Council Daffodil Day

Mantua House has been sponsoring the Victorian Cancer Council Daffodil Day appeal for over 13 years. The House chose to identify an organisation that is a leading institution in cancer research and support. We felt that cancer is an issue which touches on so many friends and family in the community, so therefore it resonates well with the boys and encourages them to donate generously each year. In 2019 we achieved a record total of funds raised and we continue to strive to break the previous record each year. The Cancer Council organisers have frequently mentioned that Whitefriars College is one of the most generous schools in Melbourne in terms of the financial donations it provides to the charity.

Click here to learn more about the Victorian Cancer Council and Daffodil Day.