Welcome to Whitefriars

Rites of passage rituals are important moments which mark significant transitions a young person makes in their life. These also reinforce important beliefs and in our context at Whitefriars, underpin who we are. One fundamental belief we have at Whitefriars is the importance of belonging. As a primary human need, belonging is connected to happiness, a flourishing mental health, motivation and a sense of purpose.

At Whitefriars, we have many rituals to reinforce the importance of belonging for both our students and their families. One of these is the House Welcome Evening which took place across the first 4 weeks of Term 1. The Year 7s, new students to the College and their families came to the College one House group at a time to mark the significance of belonging to Whitefriars and their House. Each evening began with a Mass, celebrated by our Carmelite Chaplin, Father Paul Sireh. The focus of each Mass was on the patron saint of each House and Father Paul challenged the boys to adopt the characteristics of these inspiring individuals: Saint Teresa of Avila (Avila House), Blessed Titus Brandsma (Brandsma House), Saint Andrew Corsini (Corsini House), Saint Edith Stein (Edith Stein House), Therese Martin (Lisieux House), Blessed Baptist of Mantua (Mantua House), Blessed John Soreth (Soreth House) and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (Trinity House). Following the celebration of the Eucharist, Mark Murphy, College Principal, addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of the brotherhood that the boys would form with their fellow House mates and the important role parents/guardians play with the school to enhance their son’s success at school.

The second significant part of the evening was the presentation to the boys of their House badge. This badge is a symbol of their membership to their House and a reminder of the qualities required to emulate their House patron as a responsibility of this membership. This formal induction also extends to the families of the boys as the positive partnership between home and school is also an important belief at Whitefriars.

Finally, families, students and staff shared a meal together supported by members of the Parent’s Association. Table fellowship in sharing a meal serves an important function in our Christian tradition. It symbolises welcome and acceptance and signifies the connection of families to both Whitefriars and their House. It provided an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet their son’s Pastoral Care Teacher who will be walking with them for the six years of their Whitefriars journey.

I wish all Year 7, new students to the College and their families every success in the years ahead as the boys slowly forge their own pathways beyond the gates of Whitefriars.

Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students