The Push Up Challenge for Mental Health

The Push Up Challenge week 1 / 2 is up and running. Thursday 1 June marked the first day of the Push Up Challenge for Mental Health for our Whitefriars community. We aim as a College community to Push for Better Mental Health.

Each day until the 23 June, our Pastoral Care Groups will aim to hit the daily target of push ups. On Day 1, the target was 96 push ups per group – that is less than 5 per person per Pastoral group.  If students do not like push ups or cannot do one, they can do any of these alternatives below!

It is so pleasing to see our boys get behind this challenge and participate with such enthusiasm over the month of June. I cannot wait to share the details of how we went and news of the winning House!

If your son is not already involved, please encourage him to do so! Students – sign up!


Mrs Katherine Smith

Learning Leader – Health and Physical Education