The Push Up Challenge is coming

Whitefriars is again coming together as a community to “Push for better Mental health” The challenge begins on 5 June and runs until the 28 June.

Throughout the three weeks those that participate will complete 3,249 push ups, representative of the lives lost to suicide in 2022.

Each day of the challenge students will receive a different push up target which relates to a Mental Health statistic or fact. We encourage students to share the daily fact to family and friends to start important conversations and help smash the stigma around Mental Health. The fact will appear in SEQTA notices daily and be used by Push Up Captains in Pastoral Care rooms each morning to start the discussion.

We understand that not everyone is a push up pro, so students can choose to do the full target, or the half target, or the target as a group and you can substitute push ups with sit ups, wall push ups, or other exercises as long it gets you moving. At the end of the day every push up counts.

After the required number of push ups complete in each group-  the Push Up Captain in each Pastoral group will “log” the group push ups. If students have trouble accessing the app or website, please check in with Henry Ferns (HPE Captain) or Mrs Smith.

You can do more or less than the target daily – by the 28 June we want to try to have reached our goal of 200,000 push ups as a Community – that’s roughly 4,166 per PC group.

Get behind the Push for Better Mental Health!

Henry Ferns (Health and PE Captain) and Mrs Katherine Smith (Learning Leader – Health and PE)