Student Reflection: Outdoor and Environment Studies

In Unit 1, Outdoor and Environmental Studies this semester we have been learning about different types of natural environments and the pressures that exist. On Friday 1 March, our Year 10 class were bused down to Sorrento early morning to participate in a dolphin and seal swim which was a highly anticipated event on our practical class schedule.


The boat tour was run by a company called Polperro with three highly skilled instructors Ben, Jess and Troy taking the tour. Once on the boat we immediately began looking for dolphins off the bow and in no time we were able to spot several pods in the distance. As we approached them, we put on our snorkels and carefully slipped into the water to minimise our noise near these beautiful creatures. Within seconds there were multiple dolphins swimming calmly beneath the group. It was amazing experiencing the power and size of the wildlife up close whilst being less than an hour and a half from school.


Shortly after we moved onto the seals, who like the dolphins, were quite calm and very inquisitive. Whilst viewing and swimming with the seals Troy noticed that one of them had a hook in its mouth so Troy carefully removed it and this was a great example of why you shouldn’t leave fishing line and gear around. Observing seals whilst we were in the water was amazing and offered us great in-site into their behaviour in their own environment and the measures that rangers have put in place to manage interactions and protect them.


Overall, the experience was amazing, and we would highly recommend it. We believe now that we have all developed a better understanding of the marine environment, the wildlife and the many management strategies to protect it.


Will and Harvey

Year 10 OES