Student Leadership Workshop

This week saw a continuation of the Student Leadership Workshops which form part of the Whitefriars Student Leadership Program. We are committed to not only having significant opportunities for students to take on a leadership role, however, we realise the importance of training and the acquisition of skills in this area. Our Student Empowerment Leader, Ms Kelly Hoinville-Catania developed a workshop with the help of a group of senior leaders who ran small sessions about how to develop, plan and execute an idea they have. These sessions were all in the context of Whitefriars Community Week which takes place the week beginning 4 September, culminating with Whitefriars Day on Friday 8 September. Some of the skills being taught included creating a timeline, gathering resources and communication. It was great to see students so engaged and committed to their role and being co-creators of their school. Thank you to Ms Hoinville-Catania, Mrs Spurritt, Mrs Allemand, Ms Riddle and Mr Vujcich who helped support the students during this workshop.

Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students