Senior Years

How time flies! As we come to the end of Term 3 it is remarkable how much activity our senior students have engaged in. The Term began with celebrating the Top 5 Academic students of Semester 1. These boys were treated to a old Collegian guest speaker, Will Fernandez (Class of 2017), who is currently at Melbourne University completing an Arts/Law degree. Will encouraged these high achievers to take advantage of their opportunities to flourish at the College no matter where the path may lead. He placed emphasis on a growing view that future employment skills were more about showing a capacity to be resilience, persistent and collaborative to grow in any profession. He also reminded us all that education in Australia was a privilege as gave some touching examples of how developing a global citizenship mindset was one way we could change the world for the better.

Another highlight was Year 10 Ballroom Dancing. This year’s cohort took to being footloose like never before! A whopping 96 boys joined in this great social event with the lovely ladies of Sion College. It was wonderful to see the boys put their fears aside and simple ‘have a crack’ at the challenge of coordinating their feet to a beat whilst pretending not to be distracted by their female counterparts. A very big thank you to parents who supported their sons during rehearsals and dressed them so stylishly on the night.

This term also had Year 10 students participate in the Year 10 incursion program, aimed at further developing their ‘voice’ and world view as global citizens as well as enhancing their personal development skills with a focus on resilience, leadership and communication. The boys have responded well to the first presenter, Nick Farr from Resilience builders, whose stories of his journey towards resilience was developed as a Mount Everest climber and eventual tour leader left the boys and staff in awe. We look forward to the remainder of the program in Semester 2.

A significant event for Year 11’s was the Year 11 formal which proved to be a night of glamour, fun and friendship. The highlight of the evening was hearing the boys singing along, in full ‘footy-club’ voices to the lyrics of the classic song ‘Stand by me’ by Sam Cooke.

Finally, the Year 12’s are worthy of an honourable mention. This is the most challenging of terms for the class of 2019. Unit 4 Assessments dominated time and space throughout the College. Despite this pressure, our Year 12’s we still able to find the balance and participate in ACC sports and even make finals; rehearse for multiple music performances, House charity events, Relay for life, as well as getting involved in SRC Week as leaders as well as supports of a cause very close to all our heart’s – ‘RUOK?’ day. The Lip sync Battle has now reached legendary status, with a surprise special guest appearance from Oscar Levi (Class of 2018) cheering on the boys who were so willing to entertain the masses with good humour. Student Vs Staff debate was yet another display of wit and sharp minds as teachers and students satirically debated the topic of ‘Student voice in Curriculum’. These are the moments that make fond memories and we are very grateful for the efforts of the cohort who are leaving a positive legacy.

These events collectively reinforce our commitment to a holistic education at Whitefriars College and I strongly encourage all within the community to keep this light burning bright by simply saying ‘yes’ when the opportunities arrive.

Mrs Anita Kay-Taylor, Director Senior Years

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