Performing Arts : Metamorphoses

On Wednesday 29 May, the VCE Theatre Studies class put on an impressive performance of ‘Metamorphoses’ for their friends and family. The play, inspired by Ovid’s transformation myths, was brought to life in and around a large pool on stage. The characters acted out adaptations of Ovid’s tales, blending ancient stories with contemporary language and imagery.

Throughout the semester, the VCE students took charge of the entire production, taking on roles in acting directing, set design, lighting design, props design, costume design and hair and make-up design. They tackled creative challenges, such as how to create a body of water on the stage. Their innovative solution involved using balloons with water sound effects, cleverly creating the illusion of water in a unique and imaginative way.

The hands-on project showcased the students’ creativity, teamwork, and dedication, resulting in a memorable and visually stunning performance.

Adriana Tascone

Learning Leader – Performing Arts