Principal’s Welcome

I warmly welcome you to the Whitefriars College community and hope that you are excited about the beginning of your secondary education journey.

During your time at Whitefriars we aim to help you realise your full potential in an atmosphere where all boys are accepted and valued. We want to ensure that you enjoy learning, aim for excellence and engage positively with all of the opportunities that will become available to you.

Every year the College welcomes new students and staff. New beginnings for some, can be a little uncomfortable, but they are invariably wonderful experiences as they offer all types of possibilities; new friends, new subjects, personal growth and new challenges are just a few. As a new Principal, I too will be experiencing many of the same emotions that you are. I am looking forward to meeting you on your first day, next Thursday, and also spending some time getting to know you on the Year 7 camp at Mt Eliza the following week.

Whitefriars staff are certainly working hard to ensure that your first encounters are positive, friendly and understanding of who you are as a person and help you find your sense of belonging in the Whitefriars community.

Together, as members of the same community, we listen carefully, speak kindly, offer comfort and support in times of need and encourage and acknowledge the contribution of others.

As a community, we also hope and pray that you remember: ‘Who and what you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today.’

I am delighted to welcome you as a special member of our College community and wish you all the best for 2019 and the years ahead.

Mr Greg Stewart


“The moment our son stepped through the gates he felt he belonged to the Whitefriars community. The school spirit and foundations have given him the confidence to believe in himself to ultimately become the best person he can be. We know he will be given every opportunity to develop into a fine young man who is driven, respectful and ready for any of life’s challenges.”

Heather and James Naismith – Current Parents (Year 9)
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