Principal’s Welcome

I feel humbled and blessed to have been chosen to serve this great school and I look forward to working in partnership with you, as together we support your son/s to grow as ‘gentle men’.

I begin by acknowledging the outstanding contribution of Mr Greg Stewart. Under Greg’s leadership in 2019, Whitefriars continued to be an exceptional provider of boys’ education in Melbourne. His focus on supporting boys to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life has helped all in this community greatly. I thank Greg too for his generous support and guidance during my transition and induction to the Principalship of the College.

On behalf of the Whitefriars community, I welcome you to another exciting and hope-filled year. I would particularly like to welcome all those who are new to our College in 2020, especially our Year 7 students and their families as well as those new to other year levels. I pray that your time at Whitefriars is fulfilling and productive.

As a Catholic school for boys in the Carmelite tradition, Whitefriars leads its students to Belong to a community which nurtures and celebrates the diverse gifts and unique contributions of each person; to Believe in a community that provides opportunities for spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and; to Become a community that develops ‘gentle men’ of compassion who have active and creative minds, and have the courage to act on their beliefs. Our expectation is that each boy takes on the abundant opportunities, values excellence and challenges himself to achieve his best.

There is much to celebrate regarding the achievements of our students in 2019. It is pleasing to share the significant improvement for our cohort. Our VCE students achieved well above expectation considering comparisons to their NAPLAN, Progressive Achievement Test (PAT), Academic Assessment Services and internal assessment results. Our median study score rose from 30.1 to 31.2 and the percentage of study scores over 40 also increased 5%. I am also proud of the achievements of our VCAL students who all completed their Certificates and have moved into work, further study or apprenticeships.

This year at Whitefriars, we are focussed on a number of initiatives which will continue to enhance our College and further develop our vibrant learning community. These include the realisation on the next stage of the Master Plan – a multi-purpose sports facility for tennis and hockey with a pavilion and changerooms; and increased Year 12 face-to-face class time with their teachers aimed to improve academic outcomes. Likewise, students across the school will further have their academic performance monitored to ensure they are challenged. We will also commence with our Professional Learning Afternoons, allowing teachers time to learn and reflect on their teaching practices – high impact teaching strategies, pedagogy and student wellbeing; and more structures in place to ensure students have a greater voice in enhancing the life of the College.

I look forward to meeting you and your son/s and hope and pray this year is a positive and productive one for all in the Whitefriars community.

Mr Mark Murphy, Principal

“The moment our son stepped through the gates he felt he belonged to the Whitefriars community. The school spirit and foundations have given him the confidence to believe in himself to ultimately become the best person he can be. We know he will be given every opportunity to develop into a fine young man who is driven, respectful and ready for any of life’s challenges.”

Heather and James Naismith – Current Parents (Year 9)
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