International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day at Our Lady of Sion College

An important aspiration for the students of Whitefriars College is to develop gentle men. One of the ways we do this is by providing opportunities for them to listen and share the perspectives of others to develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding. We had the pleasure of visiting Our Lady of Sion College to celebrate International Women’s Day which was one such opportunity. Below are some accounts from students who attended.

Tom Dorrat-Sims

Friday 8 March, a group of Year 8s and 9s went to Sion for the day to participate in the conversation café for International Woman’s Day. We started off the day with a morning tea where all the student that participated had a chance to chat and have something to eat for around half an hour. Then we went up into the place where we would spend the rest of our time at Sion and split up into groups mixing with the girls. We talked about the problems in the past and the present with women being portrayed and what is stereotypically the standard for them and what we can do to improve these issues in the future.  I found this experience a really eye-opening one and would love to do it again if I have the opportunity.

Gus Mileto

Reently, Whitefriars made their yearly visit to Sion to celebrate International Women’s Day. The boys got a rare opportunity to discuss real-world issues with the Sion girls, and how we can improve upon them. Topics, ranging from the portrayal of women in Disney films, to discussing the movie Barbie, helped us understand other perspectives and enriched our way of thinking. We got so much out of the visit, and loved the discussion that came with it.

Luka Ivanusic

On Friday 8 March, 20 of our Middle Years students went to Sion for International Women’s Day. Snacks filled our bellies upon arrival, softening the atmosphere to prepare for the day ahead. It was a day for learning and listening. We were split into four different groups, each with around an equal number of Sion and Whitefriars students. The groups breezed through the ice-breaker activities, and started talking about the prompts in earnest. I’m sure that the boys who attended will agree that some of the things we learned were surprising, sometimes even a little confronting. Topics covered included stereotypes and the struggles of being a woman in today’s society. However, in what felt like no time at all, we were saying goodbye to the first groups and welcoming in a new batch of students. Ice-breakers were shorter with this group, as time was slim. They still served their purpose, and the groups got to chatting about topics such as consent and inspirational figures in our lives. Alas, all good things come to an end. Climbing back on the bus, we all took some time to reflect on this day of laughter, learning and bonding.

Thank you to Christine Kralj, Our Lady of Sion Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing, for hosting our staff and students and for providing this wonderful opportunity for our students to listen, share and learn. Thank you also to the staff from Whitefriars who accompanied the students – Joshua Vujcich, Tanya Vandervelde, Jeremy Freeman and Sam Riddle.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students