House Cross Country

The end of Term 1 had an exciting and energetic feel about it with the House Cross Country taking place for all Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. With a brand new 3km course on show, students were eager to see the track and how they could perform in a bid to earn House points for the Annual House Cross Country. The race began on the main oval with students working hard to find positions early. It wasn’t long until the course led students down to the Mullum Mullum Track where they found themselves immersed in the stunning local environment that surrounds the border of the College. It was extremely pleasing to see students keen to participate and positively involve themselves in the event. Whether it was students running hard for a personal best, a jog with some mates or a recreational walk amongst the natural scenery, all students that participated should be commended on their efforts and House spirit. Congratulations to the Year level winners and place holders that completed the course with close finishes and fantastic times.

Congratulations to the following students who were victorious in the House Cross Country carnival today.

Year 9

Noah Wright – 11.16 Brandsma

Lachie O’Connel – 11.21 Avila

Callum White – 11.29 Corsini

Year 10

Max Hartnett 10.38 Soreth

Tom Sonderhiff 11.00 Stein

Jack Hartnett 11.04 Soreth


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