Diplomacy and Drama

From the 18 to 19 May, four of our politically avid students attended the annual Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) event. Hosted by the Rotary club, MUNA allows for students, from a wide range of schools and ages to engage in contemporary political issues, advancing and broadening their skills in, constructive debating, champion advocacy, bilateral/multilateral collaboration, and global citizen participation.

Divided into two teams our students successfully emulated the beliefs of their Nations bringing the ideas into lively debate. Defending their national sovereignty while balancing international ties Samuel Lochner and Matthew Kosi, representing Syria, exceeded in these skills winning the Diplomatic award. Increased socioeconomic destabilisation in the volatile region of Asia-Pacific, kept the participants, of Hamish Scott and Dathen Seneviratne, vigilant while representing Thailand. Their ability to enhance peaceful communications among the different regions, won them second place in the diplomatic award.

During the event, the students were exposed to a surprise scenario of Munanuism, a mineral that could create clean energy but potentially could be utilised to form disastrous weapons.  This scenario forced students to swiftly plan, strategize and cooperate with other members to form resolutions that would benefit their groups.  Luckily, the students devised an independent United Nations body that would overwatch the use of Munanuism to prevent malicious use of the mineral.

Ultimately, we are thankful for the Rotary District 9800 MUNA for hosting the event; We are also thankful for RC Warrandyte-Donvale for sponsoring our two teams; We are exceedingly grateful to Ms Haddrell and Mr Payne and for organising and preparing these students for the opportunity and taking time out of their busy weekend to support them at the city venue. We are also grateful for how the students professionally engaged in this opportunity.

Regardless of your skillset, if you’re interested in attending a future MUNA it is highly recommended that you seize the opportunity (look out for the extracurricular activities email in 2025). To end this article, I would like to reiterate a key question that a Senior Rotary club member posed to the students. In this increasingly volatile world, we need leaders who want to create positive change, how will you lead?

Hamish Scott