Debating clean sweep!

Huge congratulations to our incredible debating team on their outstanding performance at Tintern Grammar.

We are thrilled to share that our team secured victories in all five debates during this round of the competition. Your dedication and eloquence truly shone through, representing our College with excellence and pride.

A Grade Results: Our two A Grade teams were given the topic “that it should be compulsory for all University students to complete at least 3 months of full-time unpaid placement” and argued on the negative side against Yarra Valley Grammar. Team WFC#1 (Samuel N, Joshua, Samuel L) emerged victorious by 2 points, while Team WFC#2 (Matt, Phil, Dathen) triumphed by 1 point, defeating the previously undefeated YVG#3! A special shoutout to our Debating Captain, Dathen, who earned the Best Speaker award for his outstanding speech.

B Grade Result: A massive thank you to Matt Haste for stepping up on short notice! Debating the topic “that we should limit the number of flights that individuals and companies can take in a year,” Matt, Gabe, and Sourav faced another YVG team and won by a margin of 4 points. Both Matt and Gabe shared the Best Speaker award for their remarkable contributions.

C Grade Results: Our C Grade teams debated the highly relatable topic “that it should be compulsory for students to have at least one overseas school camp during high school” on the negative side. Team WFC#1 (Isaac, Alex, Josh) competed against Templestowe College and won by 2 points, with Isaac earning the Best Speaker award. Team WFC#2 (Leo, Lucas, Alex) defeated another YVG team by 3 points, with Alex taking home the Best Speaker award.

Congratulations to all our debaters for their exceptional achievements and for representing our College with such distinction. We couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of you!


Mr Andrew Wight

Debating Leader