Principal’s Welcome

Whitefriars is a highly supportive community in which students develop a real sense of belonging. They are sustained and strengthened by positive interaction with teachers and peers as they mature into intelligent and responsible Christian gentle men, aiming for their best. We focus on creating a warm and nurturing educational environment, allowing our students to find, accept and respect themselves as individuals. At the same time they fit comfortably, happily and respectfully into the special community that is Whitefriars.

Whitefriars is the only Carmelite College in Australia. Situated in a unique bushland setting of 19 hectares, it is one of the largest sites of any Catholic Secondary College in Melbourne. The College motto, ‘Almae In Fide Parentis’ (In the Care of a Loving Mother) conveys the essence of the Order’s spirit and the way in which it endeavours to reach out to the young men in its care.

In deciding upon a secondary school for your child, you are making a choice about which school offers the best environment for your son to grow into a person of competence and compassion. Your school of choice needs to enter into a close working relationship with you so that the values of your family and the school are aligned for the benefit of your son.

Boys learn differently. Our teachers specialise in teaching boys and our curriculum features exciting and challenging programs to make learning fun, inspiring and engaging; in a safe, nurturing, educational environment. Our committed staff inspire students to strive for high personal achievement, to be their best, to develop confidence and a strong sense of direction. We are committed to continuous improvement in learning, personal development, facilities and resources, all of which provide the basis for rich and extended learning.

Whitefriars is a Catholic College in the Carmelite tradition in which the principles and values of the Catholic faith enable students to experience a caring community. The College believes that a sense of belonging builds confidence and connection. Our Vertical Pastoral Care system connects students across all year levels providing them with mentoring and leadership opportunities, whilst providing emotional and spiritual support from peers and dedicated staff, who have a special interest in their holistic development.

Beyond the extensive academic and sporting opportunities there are a multitude of co-curricular activities available which include an extensive outdoor education program, international travel through LOTE and social awareness programs, instrumental music, drama and musical productions, debating, chess, community and environmental programs. The very powerful spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional grounding students receive during their Whitefriars years produces responsible, generous and capable men. Students become happy in themselves, healthy in their relationships, confident in their abilities and ready to pursue success in all aspects of their lives.

Whitefriars has a clear focus on learning and teaching to engage boys, enhance their sense of connection and develop their God given talents. I invite you to visit Whitefriars and experience all it has to offer and see why Whitefriars students belong, believe and become.

“The moment our son stepped through the gates he felt he belonged to the Whitefriars community. The school spirit and foundations have given him the confidence to believe in himself to ultimately become the best person he can be. We know he will be given every opportunity to develop into a fine young man who is driven, respectful and ready for any of life’s challenges.”

Heather and James Naismith – Current Parents (Year 9)
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