Year 8 Outdoor Learning Program

One of the features of a tailored education program for boys is providing them with experiential opportunities to learn, connect and thrive. Our Outdoor Learning Program provides this opportunity.

The purpose of this important program is to provide an outdoor, hands-on, experiential learning opportunity. Students develop skills in groupwork, leadership, communication, as well as build resilience, and develop independence, by being presented with safe challenges typically outside their comfort zone. It allows staff and students to continue building relationships outside the classroom, promotes a sense of gratitude for what they already have, and provides students with a completely different environment in which to experience success.

Tuesday 9 May saw all Year 8 students head to Lake Eildon for a 4-day outdoor education camp. Students were in small groups, between 10-14, and they journeyed around the Lake Eildon region. Mountain bike riding, hiking, water initiative activities and high ropes activities provided great challenges for the boys as well as experiences of teamwork, leadership, initiative and resilience. Students also undertook a number of tasks further took them out of their comfort zone such as sharing responsibilities for meal preparation and cleaning, sleeping in tents, managing clothing, hygiene and everyday life tasks.

I was lucky enough to be to lead one group on their journey. In my role, I don’t often get the chance to spend so much time with a group of students walk with them as they navigate the world in a 24/7 experience. I was amazed by the stoic nature of these boys, the way they confronted the many challenges they endured and how they were able to think of others when the temptation to be selfish arose.

Thank you to all staff who accompanied the boys and particular thanks to our Director – Middle Years, Sam Riddle, for all her organisation of this wonderful experience for the students.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students