Year 8 Father and Son Evening

Recently the College held an important event for our Year 8 students. Our annual Father and Son Evening offered some time set-aside for our boys to deepen the connection they have with a significant person in their lives – in this case, their fathers or male mentors. Research continues to highlight the importance of mentors to the development of young men, and the need to include space in the business of family life for fathers/mentors and their sons to spend quality time together – listening to each other, sharing ideas or feelings and fostering trust.

The evening started with some fun ice-breakers, followed by some sharing from older students and past parents about their own experiences being either a son or father/mentor respectively. Being a dad/mentor today can be a challenge, and often the person who can provide the best advice about their important role are the people they least expect: their sons!

The evening concluded with one-on-one time with each other, sharing their hopes for the future. The generosity of the Whitefriars community could be seen by the significant number of our Senior and Middle years students who volunteered their time on the night to welcome our guests, lead group sessions and help with classroom setup. This included the dads/mentors who had been involved with the Father and Son Evening in past years, and supported the special event again.

I would like to acknowledge Bill Jennings, founder of Time and Space program, who facilitated the evening.


Mr Josh Vujcich

Director – Identity, Mission & Service