Year 7s monumental learning (about Ancient Greece)

The Year 7 Humanities students recently finished their Ancient Greece Inquiry unit which has concluded with some monumental creative designs.

Maddox Di Benedetto, was so inspired by the ancient Greek monument that he set forth to recreate it in edible form. He painstakingly planned, measured, baked, constructed and frosted this incredible model over many hours for many days. Just like the Parthenon itself, this creation was a sight to behold. It looked good enough to eat. And it was!

While over in 7.2, Samuel Paulini and Xavier Landy were able to create a modern day tv interview with Alexander The Great himself, while Ben M’s carefully crafted helmet looked breathtakingly similar to what would have been worn by a Spartan Hoplite soldier!

Fantastic work boys!

Mr. Gargano and Mr. Jackson, on behalf of the Year 7 Humanities team