Year 7 Orientation Camp and Program

Starting secondary school is an exciting milestone for new Year 7 students as they experience a new learning environment, develop new friendships and spend time with teachers. And what better way to start a new school year than with a camp to the beach!

This week, Year 7 students participated in a three-day orientation camp that allowed students the opportunity to get to know each other through teamwork activities and challenges in the outdoors at Camp Manyung on the Mornington Peninsula. From high ropes to giant swing; sea kayaking to snorkelling; bush cooking to raft building, students had fun interacting with each other and new teachers.

For the remaining two days, students participated in an orientation program that was designed to ensure students start their secondary schooling with vital information and skills that enable them to optimise their learning and experiences at the College. The scavenger hunt was a highlight for many, while for others it was getting their hands on their new laptop computer. It has been wonderful to see so many happy and excited faces both in the classroom and on camp.

Of course, it’s important to remember that while most students will have a great transition, it can take time for others. Parents, please be patient with your son as he finds his feet in the new environment. Any transition can be both stressful and exhausting, and starting secondary school is no different. With time and support of Whitefriars staff and students, your son will find his place within the school community and be thriving in no time. However, if you feel things aren’t going well in the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to touch base with your son’s Pastoral Care Teacher.

A number of teachers have already commented on what a lovely group of students we have starting with us this year; so polite and enthusiastic – a true testament to the work both parents/guardians and primary schools have done in educating and supporting students across their early years of schooling. We look forward to seeing students continue to grow and develop as they begin the next phase of their educational journey.

We also look forward to seeing Year 7 parents/guardians/students join us for the House Welcome Evenings in the coming weeks. Formal invitations will be sent shortly.

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