Year 12 Formation Program – Gambling

The next edition of the Year 12 Formation Program was a presentation on Gambling delivered by Sean Kearney from Gamblers Help. Gambling, particularly online gambling, has exploded over the past few years of COVID and an avalanche of advertising, plethora of betting Apps and special offers makes the community more susceptible to this potential scourge. The session focussed on the normalisation of gambling and how this has contributed to its proliferation. The potential harms were also explored, focussing not only on the gambler, but on the harm done to those around and close to them. The betting agency tricks are mind blowing – the special offers, free bets, bonus bets, bet with mates’ gimmicks, all of which try to lure the gambler into betting more and taking more risks. Whilst not designed to preach to the boys, the purpose of the presentation was to provide the information to help our boys make the best decisions and keep an eye on their mates.

Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students