Year 12 Academic Conference

The 2018 Year 12 Academic Conference was an opportunity for the Year 12 cohort to reignite their motivation and academic focus for the most challenging year of their lives to date.

The Conference opened with the boys embracing Greg Mitchell’ s keynote presentation about how to ‘Get ready for success’ followed by a workshop on tools to achieve their B.E.S.T under the edutainment approach of Success Integrated. Each day had a rotation of Careers workshops which focused on providing information, support and tools on how to access various pathways post 2018. Students were encouraged to develop ‘Growth mindsets’ and explore their full potential through college services and other opportunities such as collaborative learning and use of the Academic Study Centre. The evening team building activity began with a presentation about legacy and was followed by a Newspaper Fashion Parade challenge. By all accounts it was a roaring success, as boys explored their more creative side, took risks by taking to the catwalk fearlessly.

Day 2 began with another keynote presentation on ‘How to raise your parents’, which reflected the reality of a shared journey. This was followed by a discussion with a panel of Old Collegians that was both informative and encouraging, allowing the high achievers of 2017 to share their honest views about how they planned, organised and even enjoyed the Year 12 experience. The conference closed with a plenary session which recapped the key messages with a heavy dose of marshmallows and a flying monkey. Having been fed every 3 hours on the clock for 2 days kept the boys well fuelled, in good spirits and filled with energy and enthusiasm for Day one of classes. 

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