Year 11 Formal

The Year 11 Formal took place at the San Remo Ballroom Friday 12 August. It was the first time in three years we have been able to hold such an event. It was a fantastic celebration of community and what was especially heartening to see was the positive interaction between the students and staff who attended. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the room, and it was great to see young people socialising after some challenging times recently. Thank you to Mrs Claire Allemand (Director – Senior Years) and Janelle Tallis (Senior Years Administrative Assistant) for their hard work and organisation to make this a very special night for the students and their guests. Thank you also to the many staff who attended the evening and helped to make it such a success: Joshua Vujcich, Catherine Spurritt, Fiona Matthews, Samantha Riddle, Tom Stafford, Jeremy Freeman, Tom Sykes, Aidan Buchan, Ali Rock, Susan Neilson, Greg Clifford, Katherine Smith, Paula Barca, Kevin Nguyen, Joshua Chia, Jessica Van de Garde, Kelly Hoinville, Murray Pryer and Nathan Nabben.

Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students