Year 10 Work Experience

During the final week of Term 2 most of our Year 10 students undertook their week of Work Experience. The program is part of the broader Senior Years Careers Education program at the College and is an important aspect of Year 10 at Whitefriars College. The placements were extremely varied as were the locations where our students undertook their experience. Hopefully the students were able to gain insights into particular careers or fields of work that will help inform their subject and career choices over the coming months and years. The College received some glowing feedback from employers indicating that our students were very effective ambassadors for the College and their families.

“Connor was a pleasure to have in the clinic. He was helpful and very polite and showed a great interest in the body.” (Connor Ward  – The Optimal Health Lab)

“Angus was a delight to have here at Paterson’s, a credit to his family and school.” (Angus Ballantyne – Paterson’s Securities)

“Lucas was naturally enthusiastic and organically related with the staff and fellow work experience students also being hosted. He has a positive attitude and outlook and has a sound foundation to be successful at whatever he endeavours to achieve.” (Angus Ballantyne – CSIRO)

“Punctual and conscientious young man. A valuable employee in future workplaces. Lovely temperament.” (Ethan Wu – Spino Concept Chiropractic)

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