Year 10 Social

Wednesday 2 November was the Year 10 Social – an event which had not been held for 3 years. With over 500 students in attendance, the event was an enormous success. Year 10 student, Samuel Lochner, shares his unique insights into this wonderful evening.

“The Year 10 Social was an absolute blast. Let’s set the scene, it’s 7.30pm on a fine Wednesday evening, and you’re pulling up to the venue with your merry mates in only the most dapper, ‘dripping’ clothing. You take a step in, and at first, it is overwhelming, the music shaking the very ground, 300-odd sweaty kids cramped on a small dance floor jumping, two students breakdancing together whilst a crowd of kids cheer them on, but you push through to see your group. On your brave adventure through the hordes of flesh, you may bump into a few old friends from primary school, now going to Sion, Sienna, or CLC, and strike up some conversation. Oh, you’re doing Biology now? That’s nice. You finally find a clearing in the thicket and make contact with your brethren, but you notice a few new members. You get introduced to a handful of new acquaintances, say your greetings, some polite chatter, and after two drinks, you are having a jolly good time with your new friends, dancing, stomping and horsing around. Before you know it, it is 10pm, and the time is up.

Overall, the night was unforgettable. You may be going in thinking ‘oh yeah, I’ll just hang around in the corner with the others,’ but you will find that you shall be doing quite the opposite. Not only will you have fun and run into your acquaintances of old, but you will have the opportunity to find friends easily, maybe getting introduced via a mutual friend, or just deciding to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. By the end of the night, everybody is exhausted, but it is well worth it after getting your groove on in such a social, laid-back environment. These opportunities are rare, and I feel that especially for those of us who may not have much interaction outside of our little closed-in friend groups, this experience proved to be an enabler for some of us to leave our comfort zone and have a mightily marvellous, no, resplendent time.”

Samuel Lochner, Year 10


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students