Yakult Virtual Factory Tour

The Year 12 Business Management cohort went on a virtual Yakult Factory tour during the week. This unique experience was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to go behind the scenes in a real life (as ‘real’ as it can get at the moment) fully operational factory and also learn about the human gut. Students explored all aspects of the manufacturing process to consolidate their knowledge on operations systems from culturing the bacteria strain of the milk to management of the bottle waste. Students also observed the processes of filling, labelling and packaging the famous probiotic drink – they saw the impressive machines produce 700 bottles of Yakult a minute!  Finally, the boys learnt about the digestive system and the beneficial bacteria in the milk drink that was developed by Dr Shirota in 1930. Unfortunately we were disappointed we missed out on the free Yakult tasting but this was as close to the real thing as we could get!

Lauren Cape-Murphy

Learning Leader of Commerce