World’s Greatest Shave raises $12,367.43

On Thursday 16 March, we held the World’s Greatest Shave event which was introduced to the College last year. In the weeks leading up to the event, several students and teachers expressed their interest to raise money for the Leukemia foundation by shaving their heads.

Some thought of it as a good opportunity to give themselves a new haircut, while others like our staff member Ms Jane Molloy and her son Harry had a deeper connection to the cause. Regardless of their motivations, together the Whitefriars team was able to raise almost $12,500 to support the World’s Greatest Shave and the Leukemia Foundation.

A big thank you to Pooja from the Leukemia Foundation for taking time to come and support our team with merchandise, and to Mrs Anna Nyariri for everything she did behind the scenes for the event to run as well as it did. And a bigger thank you to the brave participants who put their hand up to support such a great cause, and all of those who donated to members of the team and bought donuts.


Acelin Adama

College Vice Captain