World Environment Day

World Environment Day was celebrated by the College by participating in the Sustainability and Environment Team’s invitation to “Take a Plant, Leave a Pledge†activity. A variety of wattles including Juniper, Spreading and Myrtle wattles were taken by staff and students in return for a sustainability pledge. Below are examples of the pledges made.

I pledge to…

Grow as many trees as possible, plant natives, continue recycling, problem solve compost issues, make a veggie garden, blow bubbles – not balloons, respect mother earth, recycle soft plastics, support Whitefriars sustainability actions, collect rubbish in the College grounds, waste less food, re-use building material and limit household waste to landfill, eat less meat, don’t buy plastic bottles, use less Palm Oil, use public transport more consistently and reduce my carbon footprint.

The wattles were sourced from the local Friends of Warrandyte State Park Nursery (FOWSP). This group, mainly run by volunteers, gathers local indigenous and native seeds and propagates them at the nursery. The nursery is open to the public, but please check their website for details as restrictions are in place A big thank you to Tom W (7) and James D-S (7) who planted the unclaimed wattles in the bus turning circle garden last week.

International Compost Awareness Week was acknowledged during the Covid-19 home learning program. The Sustainability and Environment Team sent out a daily compost quiz.  Staff and students who answered the quiz correctly each day, collected their prizes this week. Congratulations to Mr Wood, Jordan H (8), Mr Murphy, Lukas M (8), Mrs Ciavarella, Roger L (11) and Mrs Kelly.