World Bee Day 2021

Did you know bees need to visit 4 million flowers to produce 1kg of honey? That’s 18,000km or travelling around the world four times! Queen bees lay 2,000 eggs a day and bees flap their wings 230 times per second? No wonder the term “busy bee” is used for active people. Bees live in complex social communities where every member has a unique role that aids to the success of the hive. Bees are amazing animals and contribute to everyone in three mouthfuls of food we eat every day due to pollination. Bees were celebrated at the College on World Bee Day last week on 20 and 21 May.

Ben Moore from Ben’s Bees was our guest speaker for Meet the Beekeeper Presentation. Ben has been beekeeping for decades and has written a book “For the love of Bees”. Ben’s Bees has been involved in the College’s Friars Hivers Beekeeping Club, where he has shared his passion of bees and beekeeping with this group and other staff and students on World Bee Day. He emphasised the importance of looking after bees, bee products, pests and disease and his involvement in the College’s Friars Hivers Beekeeping Club journey. Participants looked at bees under the microscope, tried Friars Hivers and Swarm Boy honey and natural bees wax chewing gum. Thank you, Ben, for the very interesting and inspiring presentation!

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Jo Menzies

Sustainability and Environment Facilitator