Wellbeing at Whitefriars – The Resilience Project

At Whitefriars, we place a high priority on the wellbeing of all the young men in our care. Our Pastoral Care system with an emphasis on fostering positive relationships and built on the care of the Pastoral Care Teachers for their students, is one way College recognises how important it is for students to feel good about themselves and that they are able to cope with the challenges they encounter. We are also committed to being proactive and helping boys develop resilience in a world where it seems that more and more young people are struggling with anxiety and a low self-esteem.

This year we are partnering with The Resilience Project, an evidence-based wellbeing program designed to explicitly teach our boys how to be more resilient and cope with life’s challenges. This program, with an extensive curriculum delivered in our Friday Wellbeing Program, is centred on 4 key themes: Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy. As a whole school wellbeing program, all staff will undertake a professional learning session led by The Resilience Project to understand the program and help cultivate a culture of kindness and resilience by drawing on the work the boys and Pastoral Care Teachers will be doing in the classroom. Furthermore, students will be part of a presentation by The Resilience Project who will launch the program and create a sense of optimism with this new initiative. There will also be a parent information evening, Thursday 25 February at the College starting at 6.30pm in the Science & Technology Building. More details and a booking link will be provided shortly.